All businesses and self-employed must have access to competent health & safety advice. This can be provided in-house by you or, one of your employees (as long as you have the appropriate experience and knowledge of health and safety), or you can outsource it from an external consultant.

We offer comprehensive health and safety support to businesses, both with and without internally appointed personnel.

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What are HSG65 and ISO 45001?


HSG65 is a framework to help organisations, plan, implement, manage, monitor and continually improve their health & safety arrangements and is the minimum standard recommended by the health and safety executive ,  As with all management system structures, HSG65 is based on Plan, Do, Check, Act.

ISO 45001:

ISO 45001 is the first international standard for health and safety at work, which follows the continual improvement model of Plan, Do, Check, Act. This management system takes organisations from standard compliance to the next level, with heavier emphasis on integral leadership, promotion of employee engagement and performance management and review.

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