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Tipper and Grab Hire Health and Safety Management System

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The continuous development of a company-specific Health and Safety Management System that ensures compliance with all legislative requirements and improves general Health and Safety Awareness amongst staff.

The Challenge

Baxters approached us with four key goals in mind. The development of a brand-new Health and Safety Management system to support their growing business, achieve external accreditation with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), ensure legislative compliance and improve general Health and Safety knowledge company-wide.

The Solution

We worked with their appointed Transport Manager and a specialist Transport Consultant to develop suitable arrangements and supporting documentation as part of their transport management system to obtain the external accreditation. 

We put together a development plan for the client (a roadmap- if you will) to outline what they needed as part of their Health and Safety management system and how we would develop it, implement it and monitor it long term.

We started to develop applicable policies (e.g. Health & Safety policy).

We consulted with the Directors during this process to ensure everything we were putting into place reflected the Company and was achievable for them to maintain in the future.

We worked with the Directors on setting aims and objectives that were important to them whilst ensuring they understood the priorities of Health and Safety within the business.

We developed a full risk register to ensure all aspects of the business would be suitably risk assessed, avoiding duplication where reasonably possible.

We started to develop risk assessments with the input from both Directors and the employees who undertake the activities /use the equipment assessed.

We provided guidance and actions to complete at the end of each visit with reasonable timescales for action/completion.

The Result

Our work with Baxters’ is ongoing but here are just a few of our biggest achievements so far:

What's Next

This work is less than 6 months in so we will continue to work with our client and develop an effective management system which can be maintained internally once implemented, with support from me.